Idyll Of Trees

The verdant umbrella flaked in golden light

A tree I’ve embraced to shelter me through spring

As the rains soaked me through until I was rain too.

So much hope in this tree which would bear much fruit


The summer of stars marred by sleepless nights

A disparate desperation in the separation

As my health slumped against the bark-hewn trunk

Hope buckled under my weight against the root


The bones like lightning scattering through sky

A chill of leaf-laden whispers surging into screams

As autumn coughed in my nose, mouth, and ears

My tree leaned in the breeze and crushed me.


The woodcutter returned and pushed me aside

A crashing of all that I knew splintering amok

As he swung his ax like the fury of winter

The woodcutter separated me from my identity.


Together a fire was made to heal my bitterness

From the remains of a tree that I believed could save.

I see now a dead tree gives no life until killed.

Covered in bruises and ashes I was at peace.

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