Half Rhyme

There’s a hole in my heart that I’ve tried to fill up

And I found a few shapes that I thought would be good

But no matter how hard I could force them in place

I could see it’s no good and start over again.


It’s like missing a note in a dissonant chord

I was searching for something to make me feel whole.

When I met you I didn’t want to make that mistake

But you taught me a secret that I have to face.


I think you and I, we’re like half-rhymes

Others say we’re wrong but I think we sound right.

And that’s why we’re like half-rhymes

We may not be perfect but I think we sound fine.


That if I were a puzzle then you were the piece.

But the truth was that you weren’t perfect for me.

Yet to look for perfection is foolish indeed.

I won’t burden a person to make me complete.


And I think you and I, we’re like half-rhymes

It may not be easy but it is worth the fight.

And that’s why we’re like half-rhymes

We may not be polished but who says we can’t shine?


You and are just in time

The rhythm and the beat tell me that we are alright.

I’ll be yours if you’ll be mine.

It may not sound perfect but we can still rhyme.


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