Gravity in a Minute

Self-important mating call to self-indulgent free fall

Dead eyes searching screens to fill them up with dead awe.

Undefined orbits looping in and out of space,

But it’s hard to keep track once it’s gone without a trace.

Searchin’ for a church which can save me from depravity.

The places that I saw were devoid of any gravity.


It’s like yesterday won’t tell me how tomorrow’s gonna go

So I try to keep it low key with a decrescendo.

If I run the simulation to behave how I please,

If I amplify the fighters who defy academies,

If only we can hear it, they can mock our lack of sanity,

My sight is 2020 zoomin’ in on all the vanity.


Our immaculate attraction in the middle of inaction

Got my whole mind goin’ like a chemical reaction.

The whirling and twirling like a record on repeat.

The funneling of space-time piercing through the sheet.

Invisible and liminal, it’s messing with the half of me

That wants to be a player in the comedy and tragedy.


Take a chance and rise above to do what you can do

To influence the messages that end up coming through.

Notice that your focus won’t be on the hocus-pocus

When you take a deep breath and dash along the surface

Think of all the busyness and mark it down as silliness

Don’t be so afraid ’cause we’re one among the billions.




Who cares about the distance if I focus on the mass

Who can tell my future if I let go of my past?

There’s direction in the universe to try and unify,

So throw away the separation, try to simplify.

Because what can I say if it isn’t gonna pull on me.

Because what does it weigh if it don’t got any gravity.


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