We know all that it takes is a touch and a tug

On the strings of the heart, but it’s never enough.

I might jolt and rebound as the fibers cling on

Making marks on my skin as the curtains are drawn.


Do you want me to dance? Do you want me to run?

Am I stuck in a trance that cannot be undone?

As my arms limply hang and the music is set

Maybe I’m nothing more than a marionette.


The performance begins, all the people react

As the painted on smile is revealing a crack.

And the tangle gets worse and my mouth opens wide

And the audience peers into what is inside.


They expected a hole, but instead it’s my voice.

They go, “What’s with this puppet? Who gave it a choice?”

But I cannot take back what was already shown.

I cannot lose control of what’s never my own.


Do you want me to sing? Do you want me to see?

When I ask you these things, is it hard to believe?

That I want to live life without any regret,

That I want to be more than a marionette.

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